Anyone who has known me since I was a child, knows that I am NOT an athlete. But my brother Danny was and I've always enjoyed watching sports. My talents always leaned toward drawing and painting. When my first child, April, was born I dressed her in dresses. That lasted until the first day of kindergarten when she came home and told me that she couldn't wear dresses to school anymore. When I asked why, she replied "the boys will see my panties when I play kickball". And there the "Sports Mom" was born. I've always loved taking pictures of my kids. Between the three of them, they've done basketball, volleyball, softball, t-ball, swimming, diving, soccer, track, cross-country, football and golf. I've lost count of the number of plays they've done. And all three were in Choir ~ including a State Champion Show Choir and BSU Choirs. As my kids grew up, so did my cameras. I've enjoyed sharing my photos with the other kids and their parents. At the urging on many of my friends and family and with the help of my daughter and best friend, this website was born.

I hope you love the photos as much as I love taking them. The students and athletes of Henry County are a very special group of kids and I love to showcase their talents.

P.S. If you are looking for a new, exciting portrait photographer, check out my daughter's website: